Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement

This Non-Disclosure Agreement (the Agreement) is entered into by ______________ (Company) and ________________ (Employee). For good consideration, and in consideration of being employed by the Company, the undersigned employee agrees as follows:

1. During the term of my employment, there may be disclosed to me the Company's certain Company's trade secrets; said trade secrets consisting but not necessarily limited to:
(a) Business information including cost and pricing information, customer lists, supplier lists, business plans, advertising and marketing plans and strategies.
(b) Technical information including methods, systems, machines, processes, compositions, formulae, techniques, inventions, and computer software.
(c) Employee information including salaries, skills, strengths and weaknesses.

2. I agree that during my employment with the Company, I will not improperly disclose any proprietary information of any former or current employer.

3. When my employment with the Company terminates for whatever reason, I will promptly deliver all documents including but not limited to records, manuals, computer programs, media, correspondence, and all other business materials containing any confidential information to the company. I further agree that I will not retain copies or notes of the foregoing.

4. My obligation to keep the confidentiality information of the Company continues for so long as the confidential information of the company remains a trade secret.

Date: ____________________

Employee Name
Employee Signature

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