Notice of Forwarding Address (Previous landlord re: security deposit)

[Your address:
City, State]

To: [Previous landlord name]
From: [Your name]
Re: Address of Rental Unit

Dear [Mr./Ms ...],

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of my forwarding address where you may send my security deposit and /or a list of damages. I understand that a check for the remaining portion of my deposit as well as the list, must be returned to me within [] days of the end of the tenancy. As you are aware, I moved out on _____________. I further understand that I will have seven days in which to respond if I dispute your claim of damages.

New Address:


[Printed Name],

Signature: _________________ (Tenant)


I received this notice on ____________________.

[Printed Name]

Signature: _________________ (Landlord)

Please keep a copy of this notice.

Please be aware that these sample letters and forms may have legal and financial implications. Please consult with your own legal advisor if you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of any of these letters and forms.